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Wicked Little Baked Goods is a one of a kind bakery. We stand out as an alternative to fast food, commercial, coffee shops and bakeries. We offer a much calmer, made like grandma baking experience. 

Our baked goods include the area's finest Cinnamon Buns, Cookies, Macarons, Cupcakes and Bespoke Cakes  that will make that special so much more memorable. 

What makes our baked goods so incredible? Everything is made from scratch. We only use the highest-quality ingredients and we use a lot of them!

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Wicked Little Bespoke Cakes

Wicked Little Baked Goods specializes in creating unique and timeless Bespoke Cakes. The finer details allow our creations to stand out in in any room and make that special occasion that much more memorable. 

Wicked Little Baked Goods creates custom delicious cakes and takes customization to the next level. 

All our products are made from scratch from the finest ingredients with no preservatives. 

Wicked Little Baked Goods wants to make finding the perfect cake not just possible, but simple and accessible. 

Allow us to help you express yourself through a delicious treat that will make even the pickiest crave more!  

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Wicked Little Treats 

We do more than just cakes! Choose the Wicked Little delicious treat your heart desires to fill the craving of that sweet tooth! 

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